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May. 19th, 2007

(no subject)

my exams are over!! like finally! so it's time to play!! there's so many things i wanna do...like watching phantom of the opera..haiz, it's finishing soon..don't think i'll ever have a chance to watch it. my childhood dream not being realised once again...i'm really upset. cos everytime i want something so badly, i just don't get the chance to have it.
anyway, christina aguilera's coming to singapore! my dearest pal melina has informed me of the ticketing prices for her concert...i can't avoid missing this concert, and would want to get the best seats available..which is priced at $348. hefty sum huh? but she's all worth it! since i can't watch phantom, i'd just go for this one.
i would really want to catch a performance at the esplanade though cos i'm already so familiarised with the indoor stadium.

eigene shared alot with me today. i'm glad to hear that things are going so smoothly for her.
went for makeup lesson with lingai...i'm her model for emerge's makeup competition! haha

nice hor? haha..wait till u see me in the full outfit! nice nice!!

the gal who does perfect pretty makeup! lingai!

alright, guys reading, pls do lend ur support 2 wks from now, on a saturday...430-5pm at singapore expo..thanks thanks!!

May. 13th, 2007

(no subject)

Phew! i'm so relieved that it finally came..i thought i'd miss it, and though i've missed it for a few days (a clear sign of stress?), i'm glad i'm still a perfectly normal woman afterall.
i'm busy dealing with the academics now. i simply can't grasp the mental absorption of my lecture notes and worse still, burning the midnight oil didn't do any good as well. it just poured a pimple plantation on my face! help! pimples are a clear indication of stress, my period and fatigue! i've yet to go for my monthly facials cos i've got no time for it! God, make me pretty again..make me look radiant again...take away all the eyebags and give me a facelift..
on a lighter note, church service and cell group have been enjoyable. i've experienced a different revelation from God; His presence is still lingering freshly in my spirit. i'm believing in Him for a breakthrough in my ministry, my cell group and my own personal spiritual devotion to Him. it says in the bible,'when we put God first in our lives, He will pour out His blessings upon us' and i will meditate on this verse, because indeed, putting Him first in everything that we think, say, and do, we exalt God!

start believing and it will come to pass!

have a great week ahead my friends.

May. 6th, 2007

(no subject)

we look really good together, and we've been going on so strong.

till the end...

(no subject)

you can run away from things, but u can't run away from self. until u're broken toward God, the same problem will follow you. don't hold back by self-love.

May. 3rd, 2007

ge tribute all courtesy by drian drian

thanks adrian for compiling this clip. i really appreciate it...my eyes welled when i watched it, especially with such an emo song..really brought back lots of memories to me. remember our 'trinity', the HQ-ers and ivan! man..i miss those times. yesh, we'll definitely be friends forever and ever..and of cos, we have to meet up ok???? great job done on the vid once again!! simply memorable..

May. 1st, 2007

when a woman cries

A little boy asked his mother, "Why
are you crying?" "Because I'm a
woman," she told him.

"I don't understand," he said. His Mom
just hugged him and said, "And you
never will."

Later the little boy asked his
father, "Why does mother seem to cry
for no reason?"

"All women cry for no reason," was all
his dad could say.

The little boy grew up and became a
man, still wondering why women cry.

Finally he put in a call to God. When
God got on the phone, he asked, "God,
why do women cry so easily?"

God said:

"When I made the woman she had to be

I made her shoulders strong enough to
carry the weight of the world,

yet gentle enough to give comfort.

I gave her an inner strength to endure
childbirth and the rejection that many
times comes from her children.

I gave her a hardness that allows her
to keep going when everyone else gives
up, and take care of her family
through sickness and fatigue without

I gave her the sensitivity to love her
children under any and all
circumstances, even when her child has
hurt her very badly.

I gave her strength to carry her
husband through his faults and
fashioned her from his rib to protect
his heart.

I gave her wisdom to know that a good
husband never hurts his wife, but
sometimes tests her strengths and her
resolve to stand beside him

And finally, I gave her a tear to
shed. This is hers exclusively to use
whenever it is needed."

"You see my son," said God, "the
beauty of a woman is not in the
clothes she wears, the figure that she
carries, or the way she combs her

The beauty of a woman must be seen in
her eyes, because that is the doorway
to her heart - the place where love

Apr. 18th, 2007

to you

I want a little something more
Don't want the middle or the one before
I don't desire a complicated past
I want a love that will last

Say that you love me
Say i'm the one
Don't kiss and hug me and then try to run
I don't do drama
My tears don't fall fast
I want a love that will last

I don't want just a memory
Give me forever
Don't even think about saying good-bye
Cuz i want just one love to be enough
And remain in my heart till i die

So call me romantic
Oh i guess that must be so
There's something more that you oughta know
I'll never leave you
So don't even ask
I want a love that will last

So there's just a little more that i need
I wanna share all the air that you breathe
I'm not the kinda girl to complicate the past
I want a love that will last

i go gaga with shopping, u ain't gonna stop me from that!

went shopping..bought lotsa clothes! had a big bag from zara and john little!
tried on this really pretty dress..

i love it but too pricey..
it's a beautiful feeling to do lonesome shopping. sounds so contradicting..
what about asking someone to do the shopping for u? does he/she knows what u really want?
think about that.


emotions overwhelming me
unstable, eye-wrecking
just wished for a conversation through the night
but it got defeated by sleep
i wonder how much longer do i have to wait
to know that it's for real

i'm running low on the walkway...
my stamina's dying on pulse-beat...
i've lost thoughts of what sums up a monthly equation.

i can't sleep, and there's no one i can turn to.

Apr. 17th, 2007


i cut my fringe!!! and it's self-cut..i've been wanting to cut my fringe for the longest time but just didn't find time to do it.
i lazed yesterday, haven't lazed for ages! went for a swim and tan! the sun was so hot it nearly caused me a heatstroke! had to dip myself in the pool to cool off my temperatures! despite the heat and the strong sunrays, there wasn't any difference to my skin colour, just a slight tan that's all.
boo brought me to this awesome place at esplanade..it's where the floating stadium is being constructed. we parked at connaught drive and took a stroll through this really dark underpass which had a beautiful sky view of the CBD buildings.

i think this is the only place in singapore which i find it most astounding! i wouldn't mind going back there just to enjoy the sea breeze and the view. the colourful lights of every building made it so perfect!

hopefully, with the 42-storeys high ferris wheel, singapore will turn into a better viewed place...

*i wanna sit the wheeel! wheee*

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